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Save on food shopping

Food prices are on the rise and you may be looking for ways to cut down your grocery bill. There are some simple things you can do to save on your food shop and create less waste at the same time.

Write a shopping lists that work for me?

Many of us often pop into the shop uncertain if we already have enough food like milk, bread and potatoes so we end up guessing and buy it 'just in case'. A shopping day can quickly turn into bin day as our perfectly edible old food gets thrown away to make space for the new.

A shopping list is an easy way to help you buy only what you need from your food shop which not only helps protect our planet it also helps you stick to your budget too.  

By following a few simple steps to create a shopping list that works for you, you'll be able to save time in the shop and avoid doubling up on food you already have at home.

Visit Love Food, hate waste to try some of their tried and tested top tips and hacks and find how you can ensure it takes minimal time to complete each week.

Visit Love Food Hate Waste to start saving.

Save £720 a year by saving food from the bin

Sharing Food and Recipes

Love Food, hate waste provide a library of online recipes covering a range of food options for all the family. Each recipe provides ingredients, cooking time, difficulty and specific dietary requirements.

Visit Love Food, hate waste Foods and recipes library   

Our Little Book of Warm also provides a range of heat and eat recipes for you to choose from, including how much it should cost you to make.

Free school meals

If you or your child receive certain benefits, you can apply for free school meals. Visit Lancashire County Council - Free School meals for more information and how to register your child for free school meals. 

Keep track of your food

Have you ever gone grocery shopping but forgot what food you've already got at home? Keeping track of your food and using it before it goes off is a great way to save money and reduce your food waste.

Kitche is a free smart kitchen app that is designed to help you do just that with helpful reminders and recipe ideas based on what you've already got, so you'll never be stuck for meal ideas again.

What is Kitche? YouTube video: