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Benefits for people with long-term ill health or a disability

You might be able to claim benefits if you have difficulty with everyday tasks or getting around, you can't work because you're sick or disabled or you're on a low income or you have no income at all.

If you have difficulty with everyday tasks or getting around, can't work or on low income or no income

Citizens Advice has information and advice on what you might be entitled to, such as:

GOV.UK - Check your State Pension age

Personal Independent Payment (PIP)

You may be entitled to Personal Independent Payment (PIP), which is managed by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

PIP can help you with some of the extra costs if you have a long term ill-health or disability.

If you are aged 16 - 64 you could get between £23.60 and £151.40 per week. The amount you get depends on how your condition affects you, not the condition itself.

You'll be assessed by a health professional to work out the level of help you can get. Your rate will be regularly reviewed to make sure you're getting the right support.

To get help understanding PIP contact a local support organisation or Citizens Advice.