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Be part of Preston Volunteers

Preston Volunteers are here to help you find your perfect volunteering opportunity.

The mission is to make volunteering in Preston easy to access, fulfilling and life-changing for everyone.

Preston Volunteers will give you the chance to help where it is most needed and to make a real difference in our community.

The time you give as a volunteer will support you in your own life too, building your skills and experience and boosting your well-being.

You can also take part in free training for volunteers.

There are so many ways to help, ranging from driving to deliver food to local food banks, using your computer skills to help community groups and charities with websites and social media, working with youth groups and cadets, to spending time outdoors helping to grow vegetables in community gardens.

About Preston Volunteers 

Preston Volunteers is the go-to place, and voice for all things volunteering in Preston.

They have a deep understanding of how all the elements of volunteering interconnect which allows volunteering the best it can be, benefiting volunteers, organisations, and the wider Preston community.

Preston Volunteers take immense pride in the intrinsic value of our work. It's not just about pairing volunteers with organisations; it's about nurturing the spirit of generosity and the deep, lasting impact it has on individuals, organisations, and the city of Preston as a whole.

As the ultimate destination for all things volunteering, both online and in person, Preston Volunteers passionately connect volunteers with the perfect organisations that align with their skills and passions.

Preston Volunteers are the trusted choice for organisations seeking dedicated volunteers who want to make a real difference. Driven by passion, we wish to inspire and empower individuals to create positive change within our vibrant community.

Preston Volunteering Fund

Preston City Council, in collaboration with Preston Volunteers, has launched a new fund to enable, encourage and reward volunteering across the city of Preston.

This fund aims to support Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise organisations (VCFSE) to increase their capacity to improve volunteer participation and retention and create new volunteering opportunities in and around the city.

Groups can bid for up to £10,000 for this purpose (there is no minimum amount you can apply for).

View Preston Volunteering Fund for more information

Why Volunteer

We have a real sense of team work, joint effort while having a good time. I really appreciate that I am having a positive impact on communities.


Volunteering helps me to have a routine, a focus and to feel valued. I feel like I am coming back to being me again.


Contact Preston Volunteers

Call today on - 07947 934986 or email prestonvolunteers@communitycvs.org.uk.

Visit Preston Volunteers for a list of local volunteering opportunities   

Where can I volunteer?

Locally there are a range of organisations that are actively seeking volunteers to enhance their services and provide opportunities for people who are looking to increase their skills, experience and support their communities.