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Cost of Living Funding Opportunities

On this page you will find three funding opportunities for community groups that are specifically struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

Asda Foundation

Asda's charity, Asda Foundation, is committed to supporting local communities through grant giving and believe it takes a whole community working together to improve people's lives.

The Asda Foundation grant is designed to support the increased running costs groups will face between September 2022 and February 2023, including rent increases and electricity cost rises.

The term 'warm banks' has emerged in recent months encouraging community locations this winter to remain open for longer to provide people with a warm, safe place to be rather than heating homes or living in a cold property.

Are you a community group that are going to open longer to support individuals in your local area and provide a warm place to be?

For any other funding requests that do not relate to increased running costs, please refer to the Empowering Local Communities or Under 18 Better Starts grant guidance.

Visit Asda Foundation on how to apply

Aviva Community Fund

The Aviva Community Fund helps local causes build stronger communities across the UK.

Aviva believe that by caring more about communities today, they can help them create a better future tomorrow. And it's about more than money - they also give causes access to volunteering and professional coaching opportunities, as well as tools and resources to help build their capabilities and achieve long-term sustainable success.

Right now, Aviva are focussed on these two areas:

Climate action

Promoting healthy, thriving communities by preventing, preparing for and protecting against the impacts of climate change.

Financial wellbeing

Helping people take control of their wellbeing by giving them the tools to be more financially independent and ready for anything.

Check the eligibility criteria and apply now and create a unique project page that explains their cause or project and shows their fundraising target.

Visit Aviva Community Fund on how to apply

The National Lottery Community Fund

The National Lottery Community Fund distributes over £600m a year to communities across the UK, raised by players of  The National Lottery.

Visit the Community Fund page to see if you are eligible for funding

Military Service Personnel

Cost-of-Living support for individuals who are military service personnel or ex-military service personnel.

Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion know how tough things are at the moment, especially with the very large increases to the cost of living we are experiencing.

Because of this they have launched the Cost of Living Grants Programme.

This programme is designed to allow the Royal British Legion to assist people who need help in a quick and easy way with everyday essentials such as kitchen appliances, clothes, and energy costs.

This programme is open to anyone who is eligible for support struggling to pay for items and services they need.

They aim to assess your application within 5 days of submission.

Visit the Royal British Legion for more information