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Homes for Ukraine scheme

The UK is one of the most generous nations in the world and the British public are being asked to open their homes to those fleeing the war in Ukraine.

As of 12 July 2022, 839 people had arrived in Lancashire under the Homes For Ukraine Scheme.

The Homes for Ukraine Scheme, has been set up by government so that members of the public can offer rooms in their houses to refugees fleeing the fighting in their country.

The scheme has seen phenomenal public interest and hundreds of Lancashire residents have already been matched with refugees, with more expected.

The scheme in Lancashire will continue to operate for new guests until otherwise specified by the UK government. There is currently no intention for the temporary or permanent halt of the scheme. 

Visit GOV.UK - Homes for Ukraine scheme: frequently asked questions for more information.

Support for sponsors

If you have registered for the Homes for Ukraine scheme and have been allocated an individual or family to host, please visit Lancashire County Council - Support for sponsors for more information which will  help you and keep you updated with the most up to date information. 

Three main visa routes for Ukrainian nationals

In response to the invasion of Ukraine in March 2022, the UK Government has offered three main visa routes by which Ukrainian nationals can enter or remain in the UK.

Ukraine Family Scheme

The Ukraine Family Scheme allows family members of British nationals, UK settled persons and certain others to come to or stay in the UK. 

Ukraine Extension Scheme

You can apply to the Ukraine Extension Scheme if you're Ukrainian, or the family member of someone Ukrainian.

You can apply if you had permission to stay in the UK on or before 18 March 2022. You can also apply if you have permission to stay that expired on or after 1 January 2022.

Read more information about applying to the Ukraine Extension Scheme.

Both the Ukraine Family Scheme and the Ukraine Extension Scheme are coordinated and funded by individuals and require no local authority involvement.

The numbers of arrivals in Lancashire under both of these visa routes is currently unknown.

Homes For Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme

The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme allows Ukrainian nationals and their family members to come to the UK if they have a named sponsor under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

Lancashire Refugee Integration Team coordinates the local authority response to the scheme, which focuses on undertaking safeguarding checks and providing wider community integration support.

For further information visit Lancashire County Council who provide, support and guidance available to Sponsors and Guests. 


Please complete the form for re-matching if you are a sponsor under the Homes for Ukraine scheme and are looking to be:

  • re-matched with a guest you know, or have connected with, but the guests have not moved into your property yet (from within Lancashire or anywhere in the UK)
  • re-matched with a guest that you have privately matched with and where the guests have already moved into your property (from within Lancashire County or anywhere in the UK)

If your guests have re-matched with a host outside of Lancashire and you would like to support them in facilitating their move to their new host, you will also need to complete the form for re-matching

Completing the form will notify Lancashire County Council of the change. Please ensure that the details of the guest's first sponsor, from the Homes For Ukraine Scheme application is included.

Non-Extension of Sponsorship Form

Please complete the non-extension of sponsorship form if you are a sponsor under the Homes for Ukraine scheme and would like to end your sponsorship with your guests.

You should complete the form if:

  • you no longer want to sponsor your guests and would like to notify us
  • you are ending your sponsorship with your guests anywhere between 6-12 months of sponsorship
  • if your guests would like to be re-matched with a new host family and you would like to support their move

Please complete the complete the form in order to notify us of the change.