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Are you over 50 and out of work?

19 May 2022

Two women and a man over 50 years old

Do you want to work?

Are you interested in training or earning an income from your interests or skills?

Is something stopping you?

The Age of Opportunity can help with free support based training which can be tailed around your needs and interests.

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What can Age of Opportunity help with?

If you want to work, gain some new skills or earn an income from an interest or hobby, Age of Opportunity can give you free local support to help tackle what is holding you back. Helping with skills in:

  • Using computers and the Internet
  • Gaining new skills
  • Health, mental health and wellbeing
  • Disability support
  • Help with caring responsibilities
  • Managing money and budgeting
  • Confidence building
  • Interview experience
  • Job search and application support
  • Building your CV
  • Volunteering
  • Starting your own business and more.

Get in Touch

For more information visit The Social Enterprise Lancashire Network (SELNET) or call 01772 200 690.

Additional information about the Age of Opportunity

The aim of Age of Opportunity is to work with those over 50 who are currently out of work due to barriers or may need some support to tackle whatever is holding them back.

This programme is completely free and participation is of course voluntary.

Age of Opportunity can help with gaining basic IT skills, confidence building, CV building/ applications, managing money and budgeting, health, mental health and wellbeing and the list goes on. Whatever it is that is holding them back and if they need support they are eligible for support should they wish to enrol. 

To be eligible for this project you cannot be in any paid work of any kind and do not need to be immediately ready or feel under any pressure to find work.

There are no time constraints and someone can meet you anywhere that works for you, usually in a safe place in the community such as a community centre, local cafe, library, job centre etc or over the phone if preferred.