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Good Day Call with Age UK Lancashire

17 May 2022

A regular call providing reassurance, security and support.

Age UK Lancashire have started a new service for anyone over the age of 65+ living in Lancashire the opportunity to have a call service on a weekly basis to try to combat loneliness.

The service is free, and anyone can refer into the service by calling 0300 303 1234.

About The Good Day Call service

The Good Day Call service is a friendly wellbeing call provided by a trained member of staff to check on the welfare of an older person.

The service is available to anyone aged 65 and over, who may feel lonely, vulnerable or concerned that if they were ill, they would be without the emotional support they need. In addition to providing reassurance and support someone will also chat about the weather, their interests, and how they are keeping busy at home.

The service also brings reassurance to family members who may live at a distance and be unable to visit and keep in close contact owing to their own commitments.

The once/twice weekly call helps tackle these issues by making sure the person is well and provides an opportunity for a friendly chat. This may be the only person they get to speak to all day.

Who will call? 

Good Day Calls are made by one of Age UK Lancashire's friendly, experienced and trained staff who will listen carefully to concerns, share laughs and give support and information.

All information is to be treated in the strictest confidence.

Days/Hours of Operation 

The service will operate 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays and be available during normal office hours, 9am - 5pm.  

How to access the service

Self-referrals and referrals from family, friends, carers, health professionals, existing Age UK Lancashire services and any individual involved in the support of an older person can refer into service.

They can be made via customer services:


People aged over 65 years old, who are currently living in Lancashire


If a customer requires any additional support, and consents to referrals being made Age UK Lancashire will make a referral to other services or signpost the customer to others, as appropriate.