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Budgeting and saving

Taking the time to manage your money better can really pay off.

Learning to budget can help you stay on top of your bills and save £1,000s each year. You might be able to use savings to pay off any debts, put them towards your pension, or spend them on your next car or holiday. 


Making your money go further is a goal most of us would like to achieve - and there are loads of ways of doing it.

Visit Money Helper - Budgeting who have a collection of guides and will help you save money on your everyday household bills.

They also look at the best ways of keeping track of your money, knowing when you can spend, and how to avoid going into the red. 

Money Saving Expert - Budget Planner is a free budget planner on how to manage your money. They also provide a guide on giving you some helpful tips and tricks, whilst analysing your finances to help you manage and control your cash. 

Budget Planner

Visit Money Helper who will help you know exactly where your money is being spent, and how much you've got coming in.

Knowing where every pound is being spent is a great first step to starting your savings, getting out of debt or preparing for retirement.

Visit Money Helper Budget Planner

Living on a budget

Managing money and making ends meet when you're on a low income takes careful organisation.

Visit Money Helper - Living on a squeezed income to find out some of the best ways to make sure you're doing all you can to stay in control when you're on a tight budget.

Best ways to save money

The website Which provide 50 ideas on how to save money, including tips on how to reduce the cost of food, eating out, motoring and heating your home. Visit Which - Best ways to save money for more information. 

CLEVR Money - about people, not profit

CLEVR Money is a not for profit savings and loans co-operative. With them, you can set-up a savings account for something special or for those under 18. Their membership account also gives you access to a savings account as well as affordable loans. 

Their loans cover home improvement, car loans, holiday loans, debt consolidation, Christmas loans, back to school loans, family loans, white goods loans and personal loans. These can be applied for online. 

You can find out more by visiting CLEVR Money or calling them on 01254 478390. Appointments with a loan officer are also available by calling this number.

Where can I go for a loan? 

Lancashire Community Finance is a not for profit Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI), and a registered charity. 

They can lend money to businesses, social enterprises and individuals if you are struggling to get finance from high street banks or loan companies. Loans can be for personal use, business loans, start-up loans, or for home improvement. 

Interest rates are considerably lower than those charged by doorstep and payday lenders, and they also provide financial education and money management services. 

You can find out more by visiting Lancashire Community Finance or calling them on 0344 561 1292

Running a bank account

Money Helper provide information on:

Student and graduate money

Money Helper provide information on how to help with preparing your child for student life, including tips on budgeting at college or university:

Cutting costs

Money Helper can help with trimming your energy, home phone and broadband bills, and tips on getting holidays for less:


Money Helper gives information on how to save money, types of savings account, and getting started with investing:

How to save money

Money Helper can help work out how much you can afford to save and find out how to set and reach your savings goal:

Types of savings

Learn about savings accounts, cash ISAs, and how to save for children with Money Helper:

How to invest money

Learn about investing basics, how to make an investment plan, and understanding your attitude to risk with Money Helper:

How to save money on broadband

Seven money saving methods

Broadband Savvy - How To Save Money On Broadband can provide you 7 money-saving methods on how to save money on broadband.

In the guide, Broadband Savvy explain seven methods you can use to save as much money on broadband as possible, while still getting the digital connectivity you need at home.

Uswitch guides on broadband for your home

Uswitch have comprehensive guides on broadband covering everything from social broadband tariffs for low-income households, to improving your connection in the home.