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I am a Food Provider

Information for food providers

You know your community better than anyone else so you will know what your communities needs are and what model fits best.

Every food project is slightly different and also can adapt and change depending on the circumstances and the needs of the community.

Food Bank

A place where stocks of food, typically basic provisions and non-perishable items, are supplied free of charge to people in need. This is usually pre prepared parcels and can potentially be delivered to households or picked up from a key location.

Often Food banks will work closely with care professionals such as health visitors, schools and social workers to identify people in crisis and ensure a referral process is in place.

Visit our I am looking for food support page for a full list of food banks. 

Holiday Market

The Holidays Markets were initially developed in response to increasing local and national concern in regards to 'Holiday Hunger'.

The pay as you feel model, uses surplus food from FareShare to help families and children most in need, access to food during the school holidays.

Traditionally set up in a market stall layout, Holiday Markets take place in a variety of community settings such as schools and community centres.  

Due to covid-19 some Holiday Markets have had to adapt and have pre-packaged food parcels delivered to families. 

Food Pantry

Each Pantry can also run slightly different depending on the size of the venue but also your community. Food Pantry's main difference is that individuals pay into an annual and weekly membership fee, typically £3.50 per week, for which they can choose at least 10 items.

Individuals will arrive at the venue and be given a bag and the food will be set out in a shop like setting.

The Food Community

All models operate under a 'not for profit' structure, ensuring income generated is re-invested into purchasing food and the general expenditure of running the project.

How do I set my own food project up?

If you are interested in setting up a food project or just having a chat about food related work please email communityinvolvementteam@preston.gov.uk.

Thank you to all our partners