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Rob's Story - Employment and Volunteering

Rob's Story - Employment and Volunteering

I am now getting comfortable in my new role at work but it has been suggested from senior management that I re-take my GCSE Maths because it might hinder my chances at further promotions without it.

The idea of having to go back into education and study is scary. Will I have the time? Can I afford it?  Will I even be able to pass?

My best bet was to look on the local College's website.

I Googled Preston's college and started looking. They offer a range of courses but I wasn't in a financial situation to pay for these and then I spotted the fees section. Because I hadn't reached GCSE grade C or above in maths, and because that is what I wanted to do, the course would be free.

I registered my details and booked in for the pre-assessment. I was nervous, I hadn't done anything like this in years.

The website suggested I do some preparation for the assessment. I found this difficult and realised I needed to give myself a good hour or so every couple of days to focus on the study.

When it came to the assessment I was pleased I could choose to do it in the evening as this meant I did not have to take any time off work. It lasted around three hours and even though I still found some questions challenging, the study beforehand helped.

I am now waiting to hear back on how I have done.

If I pass I will begin my study in September and can fit my study around my family and job. Fingers crossed!

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